Nashville native, LaRhonda Angelisa has been painting for over twenty-five years. Her work, primarily in oil, spans a broad range of subject matter, varying from painting live in front of a live audience, to setting the tone in her home studio. While painting is among her first loves, poetry would certainly be considered a beloved pastime, as well. She has incorporated poetry, which is a unique expression of her work . . . expressing ruminations on love and life in a marriage of her two artistic outlets.

There are many people who contribute to the inspiration of Angelisa’s work from Donny Hathaway to Leroy Neiman. But some of her latest creations are inspired by the Internationally known Jazz Artists such such as Kirk Whalum, Paul Taylor, Everett Harp and Ken Ford. 

Angelisa is as inspired by the sultry sounds of legendary musicians John Coltrane, and Miles Davis; her passion for painting smoky images have landed in the collections of notables, such as UK-born Grammy winner, Seal. Her canvases are slathered with the colorful remnants of the auditory experiences that inspire her to express life and love on canvas.

Angelisa’s work reflects the unpredictability of her muse. Her images may be a large format exceeding the size of the average man or may be as small as a family photo. Regardless of the size and subject matter, the musicality of the images, speaks to the viewer for itself.

LaRhonda Angelisa has displayed her original fine works of art at Arts & Images,

Vanderbilt University in the Bishop Joseph Johnson’s Black Cultural Center. She has performed from Nashville, Alabama, Nebraska to Washington, DC. Angelisa has taken center stage with some of the best smooth jazz artist in the world. In 2017 she will perform for the fourth consecutive year during the Steel City Jazz Festival in Birmingham, Alabama on June 2-3, 2017.


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